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On the shoulders of giants. That’s how a friend of mine once described the work we’ve been doing the past 15 years, calling into sharp relief how our movement has been built through the curiosity, collegial nature and collaborative spirit of the many people who have been drawn to the idea of green, high performing Institute.

Individually, each organization made huge progress. But how much faster could we move if they worked more closely together? How much further could we get if they joined forces? And how much higher could we reach in our aspirations to make our Institute part of our global toolkit of solutions to solve so many of the intractable problems of our time?


Upto 25 Lakhs

  • 2000 - 2400 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Period: 2 Academic Years  
  • Franchise fees: 5 Lakhs


Upto 15 Lakhs

  • 1500 - 2000 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Period: 2 Academic Years
  • Franchise fees: 3 Lakhs 


Upto 10 Lakhs

  • 1500 - 1800 Sq.f
  • Franchise Period: 2 Academic Years
  • Franchise fees: 2 Lakhs 

What we expect from you 

Franchisee should 

  • Ensure smooth functioning of the franchised center 
  • Conduct courses adhering to Aimfill standards
  • Follow the brand guidelines of Aimfill 
  • Use the center exclusively for Aimfill Courses and use Aimfill courseware and certification 
  • Put maximum effort to make the venture a success
  • Take responsibilities to achieve the targets set by the company 

who we are?

Aimfill International Campus, pursuing and prospering academic and cultural activities for the benefit of the younger generation to build up useful citizens of the society and country at large.
Aimfill Campus aims to open a window about the current industrial scenario and its opportunities. It is our pleasure to introduce Aimfill International - a Finishing Campus with in Degree, Diploma & MBA. Aimfill International concentrates on Aviation, Marine, Acting, Modeling, Paramedical, Information & Industrial Technology and, in Management areas etc.
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  • Site selection
  • Centre layout planning
  • Recruitment & training of staff and faculty
  • Aimfill International Academy’s own customised software ensure smooth running of operations at the centres. It helps the centres to manage all invoicing & operations online
  • Marketing support for the launch of the new centre


A full-fledged Placement Team dedicated to finding appropriate job openings for trained students across the centres The Placement Team:
Conducts job-oriented training for students, increasing visibility of brand & credibility of the centre
Organises airport/airline/other industry visits to familiarise students with job roles & opportunities and to build their industry contacts
Sources job opportunities for students
Identifies internship opportunities for students in airports
Conducts training programs for centre's own placement executive, if any


From time to time Aimfill international academy conducts marketing activity that generates enquiries from students interested in taking courses. The company also runs a counselling centre for handling student enquiries. All these student leads are passed on to the centre.